Dr. Anderson

Tyson Anderson, DDS

Dr. Tyson Anderson graduated from MCV/VCU School of Dentistry and is a member of the American Dental Association®. He assumed the practice after Dr. Cruse retired, fulfilling Dr. Anderson’s dream of operating his own dental practice. Dr. Anderson appreciates the wonderful location, great patient base and top-notch staff that go along with his practice. He also takes pride in offering cosmetic, general, implant restoration, limited oral surgery and pediatric dentistry for his patients. Creating a new refreshing smile allows Dr. Anderson to contribute to our patients’ overall appearance, happiness and well-being.

He is a family man and loves to see his kids participate in everything from tennis to ballet to musical theatre. He has coached soccer and basketball for many years. He has also participated in marathons and basketball leagues and enjoys playing tennis and reading. Dr. Anderson is very involved with his church and went on a mission to Italy from 1995-1997.

He is a supporter of the Cosby High School football program. He is also active in promoting Dental Health Month by visiting local schools and daycare centers by teaching the kids about taking care of their teeth and mouth. He has sponsored the Richmond Shakespeare Festival and the RBI Inferno Girls Softball Team (2011 Virginia State Champions). As a dentist, Dr. Anderson loves to make patients feel welcome and appreciated and places great emphasis on delivering the highest standard of gentle dentistry.

Dr. Anderson is a volunteer dentist at Lucy Corr Assisted Living Facility, Free Dental Clinic. Dr. Anderson was mentioned in Richmond Magazine 2013 Top Dentists Issue as participating in this worthwhile endeavor. Dr. Anderson supports our military by treating National Guard men and women at the Fort Barfoot Military Base in Blackstone, Virginia.

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