If you have questions before your visit to Anderson Family Dentistry in Midlothian, Virginia, we have you covered. Check out our detailed FAQ section for answers to the questions we hear most often. Still curious or need more information? Do not hesitate to call us at 804-744-1280. Our team is always ready to support you and make sure you feel fully prepared for your appointment. We are here to help with anything you need.

Where is your office located?

We are located at the intersection of Genito Road and Charter Colony Parkway. Our office is inside the Waterford Shopping Center, directly next door to Dunkin Donuts.

Do you file my insurance?

For your convenience, we file your dental insurance for you. If you would like to know more about our financial options, please refer to our financial options page and give us a call.

What should I expect at my first appointment?

Welcome to our dental family! At your first visit, our dental team will request your medical history. Please feel free to complete these forms and turn them in prior to your first appointment with us. Your first dental cleaning with us as an adult typically takes 90 minutes. Your hygienist will perform a thorough exam, take the necessary dental X-rays and clean your teeth.

Then, Dr. Tyson Anderson will come in to evaluate you. If further treatment is necessary, Dr. Anderson and our hygienist will explain this to you and answer any of your questions. Then our front desk staff will be happy to get you scheduled to come back for the treatment. Our office will provide you with cost estimates prior to the services performed. We make every effort to be on time, and we request the same courtesy from our valued patients. If you cannot keep an appointment, please contact us as soon as you can.

When should I bring my child in for their first dental appointment?

We recommend bringing your child into our office around their 2nd birthday. If you bring your child in at this age, generally speaking, they have more teeth for us to look at and more importantly, they will become familiar with the dental office. They get to know our dentist and hygienists in a friendly and non-threatening way. We work hard to provide great dental care at Anderson Family Dentistry, and for your child’s benefit, we invite you to bring them in so we can help them grow up with a beautiful and healthy smile.

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