It’s Summertime! Catch Up On Your Dental Appointments

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Summer is officially here!  Time for the pool, beach, summer camps and ice cream!  Children, teenagers and college students are ready for a break and parents are planning well deserved summer vacations.

Summer is also a great time to catch up on your dental appointments.  Have you had your 6 month check up?  Is it time to take care of that filling Dr. Anderson recommended?  How about getting started on Invisalign?  Brighten your summer with teeth whitening! The demands of school, extracurricular activities and work absorb much of our time during the year. 

Check your calendars, come and see Dr. Anderson, Gail, Charlotte, Tammy, Kristin and Peggy.  We will be sure to entertain you and provide you with an enjoyable dental experience.


      Come see us today!!!