The Results Are In For: Water Pik’s Water Flosser vs Sonicare’s Air Flosser !

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The Journal of Clinical Dentistry recently published the results of a study comparing each of these home care aids. The water flosser demonstrated 80% more effective for overall ginigivitis reduction and 70% more effective for overall plaque reduction!

After trying the Sonicare® Air Flosser, personally, I am not “in love” with it. It does work well under my bridge but I find after using the Air Flosser and then follow with traditional floss, I still find debris (this is the best description I can give without giving you a disgusting word picture, sorry :> ). I still think it is a great tool for those of you who hate to floss or can’t floss due to arthritis or other handicaps. The results of this study did report a “significant” reduction in plaque and gingivitis with the Sonicare® Air Flosser; just not as significant as the Water Pik® Water Flosser. I have a few issues with the study itself. A good research study includes a large number of subjects over a long period of time. This study (“Comparison of Two Power Interdental Cleaning Devices on the Reduction of Gingivitis” Sharma, BDS, DDS et al. ) included only 82 subjects over a period of 28 days. It was also supported by a research grant from Water Pik, Inc., Fort Collins, Colorado. Here is a summary of their findings:

Gingivitis reduction: Water Flosser: 41.2%;    Air Flosser: 22.8%

(Whole Mouth)

Plaque Reduction:    Water Flosser: 50.9%;    Air Flosser: 30.0%

(Whole Mouth)

   (Between teeth/       Water Flosser: 76.7% ;    Air Flosser: 48.0%



Unbiased? Perhaps. Does this type of comparison study require more? Let’s see how the people at Phillips Sonicare® respond and react to these results. The bottom line? Both Water Flosser and Air Flosser make a huge difference in your overall oral health. The Air Flosser is easier to use and less messy. The Water Flosser is less expensive. I have included the links to the study just incase you would like to read the results for yourself.  

                             Until next month…………..Happy Flossing!