“To floss or not to floss; that is the question!”

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To floss or not to floss; that is the question!

 “Too many options”, “my teeth are too tight together”, “it hurts”, “the floss shreds”, “my fingers are too big”, “I am not putting my hands in my mouth!”, “I am just too tired at the end of the day!”… on and on go our excuses (oh, I mean reasons)!
Phillips Sonicare has come out with a new “tool” that may just put an end to all those excuses.  AirFloss is a new dental tool you may want to add to your arsenal of toothbrushes and mouth rinses. It is designed to remove plaque from between the teeth by using a rapid burst of air and water droplets.
Although the definitive research comparing AirFloss and WaterPik will not be out until 2012, the AirFlosser shows a lot of promise. Initial reports show 99% more plaque removal than brushing alone.
Our staff recently had a very informative meeting with our Phillips Sonicare representative. Her arguments sound valid and the ease of use is pretty impressive. The AirFlosser only uses one teaspoon of a liquid. That can be warm/cold water, Listerine, a whitening rinse, or a fluoride rinse.
The advantages: Ease of use, prevention of cavities in between the teeth (using the fluoride rinse), less stain, healthier gums, no fingers in the mouth, and no floss shredding.
The disadvantages: The research is still out as to the proof that AirFlosser works as well or close to the results you would get with regular floss.
Cost: the AirFlosser runs from $70 (our cost offered to you, includes a $10 rebate) to $129.99 retail (Kohl’s).  Floss is $ 3.99 for 43.7yds (Glide) .
The jury is out so far for Phillips Sonicare AirFloss. Our staff will update the website with our recommendations after we try it out for a few weeks. The AirFlosser looks like a potential answer for those of you who just don’t get along with floss!
We would love to hear your comments on the AirFloss! Just click on the “comment” section and let us know what you think!