What is in your soda? Are you having a glass of acid with your lunch???

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Warm weather is coming to stay and along with it sipping our favorite “beverage” sitting by the pool, beach or on the deck. We have all heard about the dangers of the high concentrations of sugar but did you ever think about the damage caused by the acid in your favorite drink? Even if you have changed to sugar free sodas, tea and lemonade you cannot escape the damage caused by this acidity. The Quitting Soda: The Pro-health, Anti-Soda blog has a very easy to follow chart with all your favorite sodas and includes tea and lemonade. The blog is full of great information to keep you informed and help you find alternative ways to quench your thirst. The blog includes  information on:

  •  The addictive properties of caffeine
  • Advertising works on us, even if we don’t think it does
  • The daily ritual of drinking soda, that pop, or fizz that happens when you first open a can or bottle

Click on the link below and find a drink you can enjoy this summer. Try sipping with a lower acidic drink to quench your thirst and keep you out of Dr. Anderson’s dental chair!