When to Tap Your Flex Spending Account…Early or Late???

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Early !!!

Why ???

Start the year with a trip to the dentist for major treatment (crowns, bridges, implants), Invisalign, restorative services (composite (tooth colored) fillings, endodontic services (Root Canals) and/or periodontal services.

Flex Spending Accounts (FSA) are provided by your employer but funded with pretax dollars. Employees elect an amount for a whole year then fund their FSA through equal payroll contributions throughout the year. 

Bonus! You may start spending the whole amount at the beginning of the year (for eligible expenses)…it is better than a low interest loan more like a no-interest loan…and there is a chance you may not have to “pay it back.”

If your position is terminated or you leave your job before year end, in general, your employer is on the hook, not you (that is the way the government set up the rules…). FYI….