Wisdom Teeth – In or Out ???

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Wisdom Teeth – In or Out?

Wisdom teeth or third molars are typically the last teeth to develop and often become an issue in the late teen years.  The issue can surface in the form of painful or tender gums behind the second molars, a bad taste or foul odor emanating from the same area, or food routinely getting trapped under the gums behind the back teeth.  These symptoms could be a result of a number of causes but often are related to wisdom teeth that are making their way into the mouth.

Without adequate room in the mouth for the wisdom teeth to erupt, a patient could experience infection, gum disease, crowding of the other teeth, and possible damage to neighboring teeth.  If a patient has any of these problems an evaluation of the area would be recommended to determine the need to remove the wisdom teeth.  Even if there are no symptoms in the late teen years, an evaluation would still be wise to prevent problems as the patient matures.  It becomes much more difficult to remove wisdom teeth later in life and the risks associated with the surgery increase.

Some may wonder if there is a need to have the wisdom teeth out if there is adequate space in the mouth.  Evaluating the space is best done in conjunction with a dentist.  Ample room in the mouth does not guarantee problem-free wisdom teeth.   Neglecting proper brushing techniques and flossing can lead to the teeth becoming compromised.

Good oral hygiene and regular dental visits will allow the patient and the dentist to address the question of what to do about wisdom teeth.